BRAVE 81 was established in Batu Bulan, Bali, in 2008 and is the result of Balinese guy Mustika Jaya consolidated experience in the art and fashion world.

After a bright career abroad in wholesale and retail, BRAVE 81 decided to return to specific goal in mind: developing and distributing innovative fashion brands across the globe.

The masterful use of raw materials processed by trusted local craftsmen has allowed us to grow at a fast pace creating brands that have immediately become a point of reference for clients with a great eye for detail in search of easy-to-wear outfits.

In 2011, BRAVE 81 opened concept store, the perfect expression of our unique and distinctive style.

International influences, street art, traditional art, and colors blend with BRAVE 81 team taste, giving life to inspirational, and identity of BRAVE 81. Expertise and dynamism are some of the qualities that have allowed us to consolidate our position in local markets, even outside of Bali.

In December 2018, BRAVE 81 launched BRAVE GARMENT, which to control more the products quality. And also to make the production have on schedule.

BRAVE 81’s strengths:

  • Garments that stand out for the innovative materials, colors, and prints
  • Boutiques with an iconic and unforgettable visual identity
  • In-depth knowledge about the specific aspects of the fashion industry
  • Brands with great international potential

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